Foggy Day Recipe | Video

Rici Moore 19 A Foggy Day Recipe – Early Winter 2013 at Home Canberra

We meet at a bench in dappled shade
to photograph the view around,
of tailored beds in managed lawn
and garden rooms with modern sculpture.
The viewing platform tops a bed
where yellow roses hug the wall
and water from a narrow channel
springs like love, in champagne bubbles.
This sensory space is a peaceful spot
filled with the gossamer threads of memory,
a welcome haven on unquiet days.
We leave that place as fog descends.
I turn to you, ‘Come home with me?
Come home with me and we can bake
with flour, egg cheese and dates,
and milk and oil, a loaf to share
and get to know each other better.
We’ll mix two cups of flour,
one of cheese,
one of dates, their stones removed,
an egg,
some oil
and milk.
We’ll gently stir and will not beat
till softly mixed,
then shape
and cut with floured knife,
caress the top with milky fingers,
and bake on high for thirty minutes.
The sun will shine
and we will know
there’s pleasure in a foggy day.

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